Elvis DAM and Enterprise Integration

Next and Evolved present at WoodWing xperience 2019

Jason Braker from Next and Russell Pierpoint from Evolved present at WoodWing Xperience May 2019 in Amsterdam

Jason Braker who is Digital & Technical Services Manager at Next and Russell Pierpoint, Managing Director, Evolved Media presented the Next Elvis DAM case Study at WoodWing Xperience on Tuesday May 28 2019.

The case study told the story of how Next replaced Canto Cumulus with WoodWing Elvis Dam in 2016, what challenges they faced and how they had significantly improved workflow efficiency, consistency and speed to market.

Jason and Russell explained the procurement and project rationale to 200 delegates at the Compagne Theater in central Amsterdam. They covered how British clothing retailer Next had been working with a legacy DAM system for 10 years. Their challenge was to migrate to Elvis DAM, without disrupting their print or ecommerce content production. This involved integrating Elvis into their creative operations workflows and processes, and improving process optimization and automation.

If you would like to know more about Elvis DAM and how it can help your business email info@evolvedmedia.co.uk

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